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Do these resonate with you?

You struggle to get hold of people
Your emails don’t get responded to
People don’t return your voice mails
It’s taking longer to close a deal
You’re constantly being pushed on your price
You are always selling via an influencer and not the decision maker
You are struggling to differentiate your products/ services
These were common problems my clients shared with me every day and TMI Sales University was created on the back of helping over 30,000 sales professionals solve these problems.

Welcome to TMI Sales University

This membership site is THE leading online sales training site for sales professionals around the Globe.

What will I learn?

TMI Sales University has been designed to accommodate all learning styles. Whether you prefer to listen to podcasts, watch videos, read articles, read books, watch webinars; we have every base covered. We have broken down every single element of the sales journey and produced video content on every single area:
Mindset module


Only YOU can control how you think about things, how you perceive things and how you react to things.

Preparation Module


Tools and ideas on how to best prepare for a sales call or meeting and any other areas of sales.

TMI Sales University Your target audience module

Your Target audience

Ideas of how to know whom to focus on and why they would be a good fit for your business.

telephone manner module

Telephone Manner

Strategies on what the top performing sales people do to ensure they’re on their A-Game on every single call.

rapport module


Proven methods to build rapport and develop relationships with anyone you meet in business.

Elevator pitch

Elevator pitch

Imagine your dream prospective client walked into an elevator with you and asked you ‘what do you do?’

Neuro Linguistic Programming Module

Neuro Linguistic Programming

NLP helps you identify a person’s preferred method of communication and communicate on their level

perfect sales call module

The perfect sales call

I’m often asked by sales professionals, is there such thing as a perfect sales call?

prospecting module


Different ideas to help you stand out from the crowd, be memorable and significantly increase your chances of success.

Time management

You cannot manage time as it’s constant. All you can manage is the tasks you decide to do, in the time you have available to do them.

Writing Proposals

Your proposal says a lot about you and shows how well you understood the person you were dealing with.

Email creation

To ensure your emails are effective, you need to truly understand how the recipient would like to receive it.

Language module


In this module, we’ll explore persuasive language to move us nearer to our desired outcome.

Questioning module


Proper questioning can get people to open up and share things, they breakdown barriers and they enable us to learn more about a person or a situation

Listening module


Listening is a skill that needs to be practised, learned and developed.

maximise opportunity module

Maximise opportunities

Learn how to think differently and become more aware of opportunities available to you, as well as how to maximise those opportunities.

social media module

Social Media

Learn how to use social media to your advantage, to help generate opportunities and position yourself effectively.

Sales Management module

Sales Management

Learn how to delegate, how to run a meeting, how to appraise, how to improve morale, how to increase productivity etc.

Relationship Building

It’s much easier to sell a product/ service to an existing customer, than to win a new customer. However, we need to learn how to retain our customers and that is all down to the relationships we build.


There is nothing more powerful and persuasive then when a Customer shares how wonderful your products and services are. Learn when and how to ask for a testimonial

Face to Face sales module

Face to face sales

Why do some sales people convert higher than others from a face to face meeting into a customer? Find out how to better perform in face to face sales.


Learn a new way to close a sale. You are not closing a sale; you’re opening a relationship.

Objection module


Identify what type of objection you are facing and how to deal with it effectively.

Retail sales module

Retail Sales

What’s the best way to acknowledge a customer? What’s the best way to approach a customer? How do we persuade a customer to buy more than just the product they’ve come in to purchase?

Referrals module


Top sales performers generate most their business through referrals. We'll explore when to ask for referrals and most importantly, how to ask for referrals.

Goal Setting

‘If you don’t have a goal, you can’t score.’
How to truly understand what motivates you and then how to set the appropriate goals that will drive you.

selling via distributors module

Selling through distributors

Learn how to communicate effectively with your distributors and help develop their persuasion skills to achieve your desired outcome.

selling via influencers module

Selling via Influencers

A skill that all sales people need to develop is how we can best prepare someone to do that job successfully on our behalf.

estate agency module

Estate Agency

Learn techniques of what the top negotiators and valuers in the world do differently, to win more instructions at fees they deserve, sell more properties and generate more add-ons

Tony Morris Podcast Confessions of a serial seller

Confessions of a Serial Seller Podcast

Tony Morris has interviewed the top 1% of the 30,000 sales professionals he’s worked with around the World and uncovered the secrets of how they outperform their peers. In this podcast, these top sales performers share their biggest secrets to their huge success in the world of sales.


Having worked with 300 companies across 60+ industries, Tony will share webinars on a variety of sales subjects, that he has conducted with many of these clients.


In Tony’s previous sales training company Sales Doctors, Tony has written for the Evening Standard, Talk Business, Winning Edge and many other business publications. His column, Dear Sales Doctor was answering sales peoples’ biggest sales challenges.

Meet Tony Morris,
Creator of TMI Sales University

Hi There, I’m Tony Morris and I’ve spent the last 22 years of my life in a sales capacity. My sales journey began in the largest outsourced call centre in the UK and I worked in telesales selling utilities. Within a few weeks, I became the top seller out of a floor of 65 telesales executives and that’s where my thirst for teaching began. I sold software for the next 5 years and taught the telesales team how to cold call effectively to make appointments at C Level.

I always loved to talk. After learning from so many incredible speakers around the World, I started sharing what I have learned. I have now spoken on stage at sales kick off conferences in 25 countries.

I have written 5 books on sales and my first, Coffee’s for closers was an Amazon best seller. My 6th book will be published in 2020.

Alongside my business partner, I set up a sales training company in April 2006. In the last 14 years, we have trained over 30,000 salespeople, across 42 industries. In May 2019, I bought my business partner out and Tony Morris International was born.

When Tony talks about how good his content is its bragging;
when his clients do its proof:

Who is TMI Sales University designed for?

Sales Directors who want to develop themselves and their team
Business owners who want to learn how to sell more
Salespeople of every level
People who want to get into sales

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