Tony Morris interviews top sales performers around the world, to understand what they do differently.

Confessions of a Serial Seller

Gavin Ingham is the author of three books and the founder of the #IAM10 success philosophy and programmes.  He has delivered over 2,000 talks around the world and has helped over 250,000 sales people.

His insights, tips and advice are shared by high-performing professionals, business leaders and organisations around the world to achieve commercial success. Gavin’s blog is one of the top 25 sales blogs in the world and he has contributed to leading industry magazines such as the ISM’s Winning Edge magazine, the national press (including the Guardian and the Financial Times) and TV.

Tony Hughes is an international keynote speakerbest selling authorleading professional selling educatoraward-winning blogger and the most read LinkedIn Author globally on the topic of sales leadership. As an experienced CEO and company director with 35 years of sales and business leadership experience, he is ranked by Top Sales Magazine as the most influential person in professional selling in Asia-Pacific.

Tony has served as Director of Sales for public corporations and as the Asia-pacific Managing Director for a number of tier-one global technology companies, and teaches ‘modernized selling’ within the MBA program at the University of Technology, Sydney. Tony also sits on a number of advisory boards, with clients including: Schneider Electric, New Zealand Government, Salesforce, TAL Life, Zip Water, Findex, BAE Systems, Flight Centre Travel Group, Red Hat, Agilyx, NEXTDC and UBT with their 4,000 member companies globally.

In this episode, Tony shares how his RSVP methodology came about and how he has helped thousands of sales leaders.

Jeb Blount is one of the most sought-after and transformative speakers in the world today.

Best selling author, Anthony Iannarino, calls Jeb the “modern day Zig Ziglar.” His engaging stories and affable stage presence draw audiences in, keep them on the edges of their seats, and leave them begging for more.  Jeb is known for his unique ability quickly assimilate the languages of the organizations he serves and customize his messages to his audiences. It’s not uncommon to hear audience members exclaim, “It felt like Jeb had been working here for his entire career.”

Each year, Jeb Blunt touches tens of thousands of people through his training programs, workshops, books, articles, podcasts, videos, and keynote speeches. He is known for his unique ability to make complex concepts simple and easy to consume. Jeb transforms organizations by helping people reach peak performance fast and is a trusted adviser to companies and their executives across the globe.

ANTHONY IANNARINO is a highly respected international speaker, bestselling author, entrepreneur, and sales leader specializing in the complex business-to-business (B2B) sale. He is also a founder and managing partner of two closely-held, family-owned businesses in the staffing industry, leading both entities in strategic planning while growing sales. Anthony is best known for his work at The Sales Blog, which has helped him gain recognition as a top thought leader in sales strategy. He is also the designer of Level 4 Value Creation™ and Building Consensus, methodologies that help sales organizations achieve transformational, breakthrough results.

In each business, Anthony is focused on helping professionals reach their full potential. In 2007, while growing the sales force of his second staffing firm, he discovered a knack for coaching, and realized that he could make enduring contributions to a company’s sales culture. He began blogging about complex selling processes, and gravitated toward B2B companies facing challenges in sales force management and performance. His transition to professional speaking, consulting, and workshop facilitation led to the development of a trademarked methodology that has proven instrumental in helping sales organizations achieve revenue goals.

Throughout his career, Anthony has helped people in a wide variety of industries and markets think through and overcome their biggest business challenges. His greatest strength is in getting others to build consensus around what must change, and identify the resources within themselves that will drive positive results. Be it through the delivery of staffing solutions or sales strategies, Anthony is a trust builder who focuses on leading transformational conversations, those that create and sustain relationships of value. He is a natural mentor who brings the business acumen, situational knowledge, and experience to each engagement, and lays a solid foundation for future growth. 

Dan Disney is THE SOCIAL SELLING Guru of our time.

Creator of The Daily Sale, which he has built up a following over half a million sales people in just 3 years.

With over 16 years sales and sales management experience, an audience of over 500,000 LinkedIn followers, £millions generated from social selling and content reaching millions every month, there are few out there who have achieved as much as Daniel has.

Daniel is now on a mission to help as many businesses and salespeople learn how to generate MORE sales with LinkedIn and social selling.

In this podcast, Dan shares what social selling really is and how you can leverage the social media platform to have more leads than you’ll know what to do with.

Dan Disney is on a mission to help as many people as possible learn how to sell more!

Andy Bounds helps people communicate better.

Awarded the title Britain’s Sales Trainer of the Year, and described by AstraZeneca’s Global Communication Director as “a genius, whose advice can’t be ignored”, Andy’s insights stem from the fact his Mother is blind. This has given him a lifetime’s experience of communicating from someone else’s point of view… so critical when seeking to persuade others.

Andy’s three books are all international best-sellers. In fact, one was only kept off Amazon’s #1 spot by Harry Potter!

Andy has spoken in 35+ countries, to audiences of all sizes. He has delivered keynotes at the Professional Speakers Association conference, as well as for blue-chip companies, Governments, professional bodies and business experts.

His core belief is “it’s not what you say that counts. It’s what people do differently after you’ve said it”.

Find out more about Andy here.


Scott Hogle doesn’t do anything half-heartedly. He pursues and immerses himself in the things he loves. Scott’s gift for communicating, connecting, and motivating others was born out of his passion to pursue success and focus on real, actionable ideas that actually help others. But it’s not always about the work. His passions also include his time on the road with his Road King, which he affectionately named after his first book, ‘Persuade’. Just like the cover, Persuade sports a magnet with a sales funnel pulling dollars toward it on the gas tank.

Scott has trained, coached, and raised up talent to bring organizational excellence domestically and internationally to corporate, private, and non-profit sectors. He has been leading, speaking, and coaching for decades. Scott believes that selling, leading, and speaking is not just a career, but a calling in life which allows him to serve others. Scott has taught hundreds of sales and leadership lessons to small and large groups.

Marcus Cauchi is a seller who teaches selling, not a trainer who teaches sales. He has made £millions of pounds ….. of mistakes. He suffered much scar tissue in front of prospects and clients. He believes most salespeople make their own lives harder than they need to because they fixate on money as being the issue, they put the customer on a pedestal and treat prospects and suspects as if they are doing them a favour instead of realising that they have the problem which the seller can fix. Prospects don’t object unless the salesperson takes them there!

Marcus has been successfully serving his clients with Sandler Training since 2004. He used to struggle for the previous 17. He made all the mistakes you and your salespeople are probably making today; free consulting, putting the prospect in the driving seat, thinking the customer is king (a big fat lie!), by offering unilateral discounts and concessions which meant he was giving away his employers’ profits. Not for cissies!

Jake Flint

Are you looking at supporting your employees with their physical and mental wellbeing through exercise?

At Everyone Active we are the leading leisure centre operator across the U.K. helping hundreds of thousands of people to achieve 30 minutes of activity, five days a week.

At our 190 centres we offer a safe welcoming environment for gym workouts, swimming, classes and more alongside our award winning swimming lessons.

We work in partnership with businesses with 10 employees to 10,000 and more. Some of our partners include: Santander, NEXT, Sainsbury’s, British Gas, the NHS and MacMillan Cancer Support.

Outside of work I’m a fitness and sport fanatic who enjoys varied gym work outs.

Jules White is an International Sales Coach with over 30 years of business and sales experience.

Her ‘Live it Love it Sell it’ methodology helps passionate entrepreneurs and businesses get clarity on their ‘why’ and learn how to sell in an authentic human way that creates amazing results without the need for pushy sales techniques or any questionable tactics.

She brings great experience with her talks having won investment in the Dragons’ Den from Peter Jones for her business ‘Truly Madly Baby’ – the reason she is known as the ‘real dragon slayer!’

She is an International Inspirational Sales Speaker where she talks about ‘Putting HUMANITY back into sales’ and her TEDx talk, to 1500 people at Europe’s biggest TEDx in Brighton, focused on there being ‘no such word as can’t’. Inspiring everyone to know that you can do whatever you want to. A legacy given to her by her father who she lost in 2015.

Jules hosts a regular podcast called ‘The Human Conversation’ which is on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Soundcloud, and her first book was published in October 2018… Live It, Love It, Sell It, which highlights the three main areas she believes are integral to successful sales (and therefore to building a profitable business). This book draws on both her passion for selling and her love of human conversation, as well as years of experience in both corporate sales at many levels, and as an entrepreneur.

Jules’ ultimate aim is to make sure everyone falls in love with sales, because life skills are sales skills!

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